Cate Root is a writer who lives and works in New Orleans, LA. She loves nerds, cats, books, quiet, headphones, silly dance moves, comedy, and all manner of costumes. She rarely refers to herself in the third person.


It Happened To Me: I Fell In Love with a 500-pound man (excerpt from a longer essay entitled “Loving the Bigger Fat”)

“Beauty” reading (link to YouTube)

Busted” / NOLAFugees

“Just Like Riding A Bike” / NOLAFugees

Journalism and Criticism:


Cripple Creek’s “Clybourne Park” may not be dangerous, but it is quite a show.

Shipwrecked and Bring Your Own Celebrate New Orleans stories and storytellers

Steve Rannazzisi’s bawdy, ebullient humor charmed at The Civic Theatre

Christian Finnegan brings his ubiquitous, yet elusive, comedy to New Orleans


Phoenix makes a perfect moment at New Orleans Jazz Fest’s Gentilly Stage

Nicholas Payton made musical waves at New Orleans Jazz Fest’s Jazz Tent

Hurray for the Riff Raff transfixed revelers from New Orleans Jazz Fest’s Acura Stage

Andrew Bird closes out New Orleans Jazz Fest Fais Do-Do Stage with a smattering of Americana styles

101-year-old Lionel Ferbos gave New Orleans Jazz Fest a delightful start

Treater Band livens up the Infield at New Orleans Jazz Fest’s Cultural Exchange Pavilion


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