Editing and consulting services available for manuscripts, CVs and cover letters, academic essays, articles and all types of prose, with equal emphasis on substance and style.

Rates begin at $40 per hour. Student discounts are negotiable. Contact me for more information.


Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

“Cate copy-edited my Ph.D. dissertation. She worked incredibly efficiently and under tight deadlines. I was continually impressed by her ability to offer extremely insightful feedback, even in the context of a technical field she was previously unfamiliar with. I would routinely give her my best writing and, without fail, she would find a way to streamline and clarify it. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her. I would hire her again without hesitation and plan to as soon as the opportunity arises.” July 24, 2012 [via LinkedIn]

“Cate Root has a keen eye for the written word. She is expert in knowing when to tease more from a piece, and even more talented at helping authors make their writing more concise and compelling. She has improved my work, and it goes without saying that she can improve yours too.” January 14, 2013

“As an attorney, legal writer and speaker, I relied on Cate’s keen editing eye and writing abilities for years and can recommend her without qualification.  She is a talented writer in her own right – but is also a flawless editor with an impressive knowledge of the odd and infuriating details of English grammar and prose, and an eagle eye for detail.  She handled every task as something important and worth her careful consideration, whether it consisted of routine correspondence, articles, marketing materials, or major public court filings.” January 15, 2013

“I have been using Cate as an editor for several years and have always been impressed with the quality and creativeness of her work. Whether it be a CV review or a formal letter, Cate has always provided revisions which state my thoughts or intentions with more clarity than I thought possible. I’ve also recommended Cate’s services to several friends and colleagues and have received rave reviews. She is truly gifted at finessing and fine-tuning the written word.” January 15, 2013 [via LinkedIn]

“Cate Root, Wordsmith Extraordinaire.  Word up-Cate Roots out your grammatical and prose errors with quick, kind, caring expertise, transforming the mundane in to a sleek, straightforward document.  Cate aided me with my 10 year old resume. With her eye for detail, creative genius and finesse she managed to produce a sleek, stylish, updated, easy to access one page wonder.  Thank you Cate.” January 28, 2013


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